Unique Content For Marketing – Easy Strategies

The Benefits of Content Spinning

Writing is very hard work. If you’re not a writer by trade, it can take several hours (or even more!) to write a compelling piece of content. If you’re like most others, you’ve likely thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if I could turn this ONE article into hundreds more without all this extra effort?” There is, and it’s called content spinning. Here, you’ll learn what it is and why it’s important.

Content Spinning: What Is It?

Article spinning involves the use of the best article spinning software to rewrite content enough so that Google and the other search engines think it’s different. Article spinners can do this several times in just a few minutes, leaving you with a ton of content you can submit to blogs. Most marketers use tools like spin rewriter 8.0 to create content for SEO purposes.

Using Spun Content on Niche Mini Sites

If you’re building a niche mini site, you’ll need to provide your readers with relevant, informative content. Having a content-packed site can help you get on Google’s radar, which is usually a good thing. Spinning content with tools like spin rewriter 8 makes the process go faster, and you can create several articles in the time it would take you to create one from scratch.

Getting Content Ready for Directory Submission

Spinning articles can help you submit a massive amount of content to article directories like Hubpages and to other authority sites. By doing this, you can reach a much wider segment of the audience with your content. Not only can you use it with tools like rankerx lifetime to boost your SEO efforts, you can use it to position yourself as an expert in your chosen niche. Read this rankerx review for more details.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

When it’s done properly, content spinning can provide you with unique, high-quality articles that can improve your site’s position in the SERPs. Whenever you’re using article spinners, it’s not sufficient just to mix up phrases and words; you should spin paragraphs and sentences too. When you really mix things up, you’ll ensure that the results are totally unique and don’t duplicate other web content.

Increasing Traffic

The more unique and relevant content that’s on your website, the more Google and web searchers will notice it. This is particularly true for sites ranking on the first page of the search engine results. When you create an abundance of new content, the higher you’ll rank and the more your web traffic will increase.

Building Backlinks

When you’re spinning content to use along with an automatic link building tool, you should consider the below tips:

  • Don’t use spun content until Google indexes the original on the site.
  • Don’t use software to the exclusion of other methods. Always re-read and modify spun content if it needs to be tweaked.
  • Try to use spun content on third-tier sites and not on those that point directly at your niche site.

You can use spun content in a variety of ways, but it’s important to use it carefully. Many marketers use it to create eBooks, which they then make new covers for with pixel studio FX (you can read more about this tool in our (Pixel Studio FX 2.0 Review). By following the above tips and using article spinners wisely, you can create a ton of new content while avoiding duplicate content penalties.