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Important Information about AgDRIFT® 2.0

Model Distribution

For future copies of the AgDRIFT® model you will need to contact Dr. Thistle at hthistle@fs.fed.us.  He will be vetting users and distributing the model via CD along with AGDISP.  As with current requests, a reference to a legitimate need or known program or current user is greatly appreciated for vetting purposes.  The Spray Model Center will also automatically distribute AGMWS for % Non-volatile calculations and specific gravity for mixtures.  An updated version of the current AgDRIFT® 2.0.05 was reviewed at EPA’s public EMWG  in 2005 (containing minor user requested updates and help enhancements). The Working Group has had the code submitted to EPA, but the Agency has not officially updated their version at this time.  The 2.0.5 version has been shown to be compatible with Windows® VISTA®  and Windows® 7. 


It is envisioned that stakeholder inputs and requests for refinements will be coordinated by EPA and USDA-FS probably with stakeholder input through the current EPA Environmental Modeling Public Meetings (EMPM).


Simple technical questions may be addressed to Harold Thistle or you may continue to use the services of David Esterly through agreement with Environmental Focus,  Continuum Dynamics (Milt Teske),  or Valcore Consulting or with other consultants for more significant support needs. 


EPA–OPP will maintain access control of the regulatory–data-linked version for special regulatory related requests and the SDTF will continue to support it’s member’s technical questions for now.


We thank you for your stewardship of drift and crop protection products over the years with your use of AgDRIFT®, and we look forward to maintaining  the availability of these tools and keeping them up-to-date with the latest science.


     Other  Frequency Asked Questions


'The USDA Forest Service distributes this model as part of its mission
of public service and training.'

To contact  Dr. Thistle click on this link hthistle@fs.fed.us

Revised August 5, 2010